MIDI. My International Design In One

Global Life Aesthetics Department Store Pioneer

Global TOP 100 designers’ Integration Platform

Global first brand to integrate “Life Aesthetics” into products

Dedicated to offering nice design products at the best prices

Explore humanity with design and create beauty with creativity!


We do care for your skin.

Beautiful makeup brings us amazing time!

MIDI. is committed to keeping users a beautiful and youthful look.

The facial research team studies skin care and makeup fashion carefully.


Shopping, Appointment, Movies, Parties

How could I go out without a nice and comfortable outfit?

MIDI. is always the best choice for a classic outfit.


Space enables us to have freedom.

A space full of aesthetics and beauty is the best gift for you.

Everyone who steps in MIDI. stores can get a treasure-hunting trip with infinite surprise and fun.

  • Stay at home or go out for the holiday?

  • What is the meaning of time?

  • Attention! You have entered a sea of goods.

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